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‘Movement’ plays are a five-play cycle which depict historical moments from 1955 to 1968 at the height of the civil rights era. The plays show how youth impacted the Civil Rights Movement. They were lynched, tortured and murdered as a general practice by those afraid of what integration and equality would bring.  The youth stood-up, sat down and regularly placed themselves in harms way to effect a change for their lives and the lives of others.

Each ‘Movement’ play is a one-act play that focuses on the actions by or against young people that changed the course of not only their lives, but history.  Through these ‘Movement’ plays, Nicole Kearney applauds the fearlessness, honors the memories and tells the stories of those youth who by intention or misfortune gave up their lives, their innocence, and their safety to pave a path that I and others now walk and our children may follow.

It is her hope that people will be engaged enough by  these ‘Movement’ plays to want to find out more, by reading, watching documentaries, or seeking out other materials to tell them more about the persons, places and circumstances depicted in the ‘Movement’ plays and about the civil rights era of history.



Foot Soldiers for Freedom: The Birmingham Children’s March when thousands of Black youth marched in non-violent protests against segregation laws in Birmingham, Alabama, in May 1963. In retaliation, police and fire department attacked the children with dogs and fire hoses. The children continued placing themselves on the front lines. and succeeded in changing history. 9 Cast members  – 5 W & 4 M – Running time 30 minutes




A Down Payment on Manhood: The Greensboro Four takes place in February 1960, four African American males, freshman at North Carolina A&T University, in Greensboro, North Carolina, took a stand for their dignity and civil rights by staging a sit-in at the ‘white only’ lunch counter of the Woolworth’s in downtown Greensboro after the store refused to serve them.  To view a clip of this play click here. 7 Cast members – 1 W & 6 M – Running time 30 minutes


Emmett Till_flyerThe Little Boy Who Shook Up the World: The Emmett Till Story takes us to Money, Mississippi. August 1955. Emmett Till, a 14-year old Black boy from Chicago leaves a local market and is accused of whistling at the white female store clerk. This leads to his kidnapping and lynching, becoming a catalyst for the burgeoning Civil Rights Movement. 12 Cast members – 2 W & 10 M – Running time 30 minutes



Breaking BarriersBreaking Barriers: The Little Rock Nine shows the nine Black students desiring a better education integrated Central High School, in Little Rock, Arkansas, in September, 1957, amid much violence, hatred and protest forever changing their city and American society. 13 cast members – 8 W & 5 M –  Running time 30 minutes

The rise of Black PowerPower to the People: The Rise of Black Power covers the events from 1963 to 1967 that leads to a shift in young people’s ideology from non-violence to Black Power. Running time 30 minutes


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