522110_10154933203440114_1420322533439921479_nA Sense of Belonging – Two men, from different worlds, both searching to feel loved, accepted and belong. The paths they take show just how far they’ll go. However, the outcome isn’t what they expected as their lives collide when they are diagnosed as HIV positive.

And_yaDon'tstop new
“AND YA DON’T STOP,” a hip hop play, finds a trio at the crossroads when they discover that a record label only wants one of them – Supreme, the emcee. Unknown to him the label plans to pervert his image. Embittered, under contract and estranged from his crew, Supreme unwillingly goes on a journey guided by the messengers and three spirits of hip hop to help him regain his sense of self and return to his hip hop roots. This play has been performed in New York and Chicago to critical and audience success.

“re-Entry, a play” is about George Jackson,an ex-offender attempting to re-store his family ties, re-build a new life and re-engage in society after spending almost half his life in and out of correctional institutions. George is representative of the ex-offender in re-entry. Those who the legal system fear with their return to society will raise crime rates (again), just as their incarceration helped bring it down. Ex-offenders are subjected to extensive post-release supervision. Generally, the preparation given to them pre-release is inadequate, hindering their ability to smoothly re-integrate back into society. It is mostly true that in re-entry, people are waiting for the ex-offender to fail.
Nicole Kearney

Chef pic“CHEF,”the mini-musical Book by Nicole Kearney, Lyrics by Gaby Gold and Music by Yoonmi Lee. ROSEMARY wants to be a chef, but she’s a terrible cook. She is a student of CHEF SAGE, a world famous master chef. ROSEMARY has an un-supportive wife, FENNEL, who tells her to give up trying to become a chef and do something else. ROSEMARY persists. Finally, CHEF SAGE kicks her out of her kitchen. As a last ditch attempt, ROSEMARY cooks a meal for LIL THYME, a rapper and one of CHEF SAGE’s top clients. The food looks and smells terrible. CHEF SAGE is furious. However, LIL THYME sees a dessert on a table and eats some. She declares it’s the best she’s ever eaten, a true masterpiece. She asks CHEF SAGE why she doesn’t make food like that? All her food tastes the same. LIL THYME hires ROSEMARY as her personal baker. CHEF was part of the 2014 West Village Musical Festival.



“What Doesn’t Us, Only Makes Us Stronger,”  shares the stories, struggles, strength and survival of seven women. Stories that conjure up memories, make you laugh out loud and even leave you in tears. Share the experiences of these women, as their stories validate and celebrate healing, hope and the undeniable spirit of women.

The Wedding Bells, when surprise visit from her ex-husband threatens Etta’s impending marriage; can she face her past and let it go or will it ruin her future? 

The Jazzy Detective,
Lorraine Stansberry is a jazz singer by night by day, she transforms into Harry Huckleberry, a male private detective. Her two worlds collide when her biggest fan,who is also her mob boss employer’s granddaughter is kidnapped with a ransom demand. The Jazzy Detective dive into a mystery filled with mobsters and mayhem determined to crack the case.